Dan Bogdanov <d...@math.ut.ee> writes:

Hi Dan,

I've added your address to the whitelist for this mailinglist, so you
wont be bothered by the moderation again.

> I just wanted to let you know that we have completed the next version
> of Sharemind and we thought we'll let you know.

Cool, congratulations on the release!

> Sharemind 1.9 has these major improvements

> 1) The first version of the SecreC language compiler. SecreC is a
> high-level language that separates public and private data and
> processes them separately. Private data is processed using MPC whereas
> public data is processed normally.
> 2) Improved Sharemind assembly language interpreter to allow SecreC to work.
> 3) A new protocol suite that is faster than the previous
> Du-Atallah-based one.
> 4) Support for multiple client applications.
> 5) Lots of demo applications that show how to use the framework,
> including SecreC implementations of Apriori and Eclat.

Sounds very impressive :-)

Martin Geisler
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