Thomas P Jakobsen <> writes:

> On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 12:06, Martin Geisler <> wrote:
>> Would it not be fairly easy to let each of the players secret share a
>> random integer, add all the shared numbers, open the result, and use
>> that as the computation ID? That is, automate this so that you don't
>> have to agree on a certain computation ID in advance.
> That might well be a better solution. But there's a trade-off; it
> makes it easier to use, but slows down the execution time. Of course,
> for most applications a single secret sharing and an opening is
> affordable.

Yes, I don't think performance is an issue here.

> Another potential issue is that some runtimes may require prss in
> order to share and/or open values. That would give us kind of a
> chicken-egg problem.

I meant that they should just Shamir share the random number. Malicious
parties may then of course produce an inconsistent sharing and this will
result in the parties using different seeds for PRSS. I think that would
be no worse than if the parties had used different command line options.

Martin Geisler

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