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> The guitar does feature in the Florentine Intermedii.  It is just possible 
> that it was used in Landi's opera Sant Alessio as this includes a duet for 
> the two humourous characters which is also included in one of Landi's song 
> books with alfabeto.

Perhaps it is not commonly known that  the "Avvertimento" to the
"Rappresetatione di Anima, et di Corpo" by  Emilio Cavallieri 1600,
"Il Piacere con li due compagni, sara bene, che habbiano stromenti in
mano suonando mentre loro cantano , & suonino i loro Ritornelli. Uno
puotrà havere un Chitarone, l'altro una Chitarina alla Spagnuola,

I try to translate:
"Il Piacere (The Lust?, one of the characters) with his two companions,
who have instruments in their hands, would  play, when they are singing
and playing their Ritornellos. One should have a  chitarrone, the other
a chitarrina Spagnola, [...]"

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