Georg Dahn wrote:

> Ok, let's assume there are several completions, such that you get a menu 
> with <C-N>. Then if you move the selection with the cursor keys and 
> press <Enter>, the selected item is being chosen. If you do the same 
> with <C-N> (instead of using cursor keys), <Enter> inserts a new line. I 
> think, this is confusing.
> Is this behavior intentional or is it a bug?

This is intentional, it was discussed recently.

This is a compromise between different expectations from different
users.  People who used CTRL-N/CTRL-P in Vim 6.4 expect the <Enter> to
be inserted, since that is what happened in older versions.  People who
are using cursor keys to select an item in the popup menu mostly expect
<Enter> to accept the selected match.  That's why the behavior of
<Enter> depends on what you did earlier.

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