Milan Berta wrote:

> Is there any way how to count bad words in a file which is spelled? Or
> any function which can show an 'error rate' of a file? For example, the
> number of bad words per ten words, or a percentage of bad words in
> a file. I snooped the spell.txt help file thorough and found nothing :(
> That would be cool to make an automatic dictionary selection function
> then. Using simple comparison of the error rates with some limit would
> make possible to select a proper .spl file, and a region. With
> a parameter, which defines the most used spell regions (e.g. en_gb, hu,
> cs, sk), could be frequent spell checking in different languages made
> a lot of friendly.
> I'm personally using 3-4 different languages per day (e-mails,
> work,...), and using  the spell function of Vim 7 for a week I realised
> this inconvenience. Any suggestion how to make it solved without
> implementing a new feature?

There is no support inside Vim for this, but it should be possible to
make a script to do this.

I think what most people would like to use is a ":Spellenable" command
that would set 'spell' and figure out a good value for 'spelllang'.

Counting bad words could use the "]s" command.  You could do this for
the first 100 lines or so.  And loop over a number of values for
'spelllang'.  Either specified by the user or obtained from looking in
the spell directory.

Doesn't sound all that complicated...

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