Matt Mzyzik wrote:

> I do have 'ic' set. So then it's not a bug... ok. However, you did not
> address my other bug: <c-l> to complete character by character does not
> work.

When you use 'longest' then none of the items is selected.  That was
discussed quite a while ago.  You need to do CTRL-N first to select an
item from which you can take letters with CTRL-L.

> > > I also noticed <c-j> no longer selects menu items, however I guess
> > > that might be intended as most people use <c-y> as in the docs.
> > 
> > Do you mean the Enter key?  That changed a while back.
> No I don't mean Enter key. I mean <c-j>.

That doesn't have a specific meaning for completion, thus it takes you
out of completion mode.

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