Hello Vim gurus (and newbies) !

My Vim site http://users.skynet.be/antoine.mechelynck/vim/ has just been updated. The updates include:

- Instead of mentioning Vim 6.4 and Vim 7.0 "alpha", the site now only refers to the "release" version of Vim 7.0. Sorry, no more "patched" distributions of Vim for W32 at the moment, my Windows machine is out.
- My "Compiling HowTo" for Windows has been updated for Vim 7.0 "release".
- There is a new "Compiling HowTo" for Unix. I've tried to make it easy to follow, even for people who never compiled anything before: so some "old hands" may find it boring or too detailed for them. Let's try to look at it from the newbie's point of view.

Remarks welcome. I read vim-list mail oftener than private mail, but either of them should reach me.

Best regards,

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