On Sun 23-Jul-06 7:09pm -0600, Marvin Renich wrote:

> At this point, I see the output from  exec "b" curbuf  but using
> :messages I can see that the echomsg did indeed display (before the
> output from :b).  I also tried redraw between the :b and the :echomsg.

I don't have an answer for you but I can commiserate :-)

I was working on the same kind of problem using a temp
buffer (bt=nofile) for a work area.  The script worked fine
except that the output was getting overwritten as if Vim had
issued ":file" at the end.  A work around was to echo an
extra blank line and let Vim overwrite it.  I tried all the
things you mentioned - I was quite surprised that :redraw
didn't solve it.

I finally changed my method slightly by switching windows
instead of switching buffers directly.  The echo problem
went away.

I will be following this thread for solutions.

Best regards,

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