i'm at 7.0.90, but i've noticed the indenting weirdness before,
so i don't know when it really started

i think the other time(s) too it was in my 'ai' module, which,
although it has a .txt extenstion, comes up with 'filetype='

so weird

ok -- no filetype is defined -- fine -- this still should not
happen, in my opinion

with tw=70, which i set with an f-key defined in my .vimrc,
typing the following gives:

an optimistic man might be tempted to celebrate -- we have proven,


what the @[EMAIL PROTECTED]@? kind of indenting rule says to create a hanging
indent after the first word...

dunno why filetype is undefined, but i have filetype indent off,
i've gotten so frustrated with unexpected indenting behavior

if it's relevant, i open my 'ai' modules with a script
that sources a vim script that does (after the comments):

let s:name = '~/documents/txt/ai_' . strftime("%Y%m") . '.txt'
execute "e +" s:name

which *may* help explain why filetype is undefined, but
not in any way explains why 'an' is something that requires
a hanging indent to be created on the next line

i've got:

filetype on
filetype indent off
filetype plugin on
filetype plugin indent off

in my .vimrc, which is an attempt on my part to get control
over how indenting happens, yet i STILL get surprised with
unexpected behavior

any clues will be appreciated


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