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[a way to create a list of what patches has been applied]

Here's a simpler version of that script that doesn't allow for patches
to be skipped.  I don't know if the Vim build scripts actually allow
for patches to be skipped, and considering that later patches will
often depend on earlier ones, I can't see any reason why someone
wouldn't have applied patch i when they have applied patch j, where i
< j.

Yes, patches may be skipped, as mentioned under ":help has-patch". Linux versions commercially distributed often skip all "extra" patches which are for other OSes: the admin in charge of compilation would download only the "unix" and "lang" archives, and the "unix" patches, skipping the rest.

To use your example, a Linux admin may skip patch i if it is for Windows or Mac, and apply patch j (j>i) if it is for Unix or for all-platforms. A later Unix patch will never depend on an earlier Windows-only patch.

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