Vaclav wrote:

> I use gvim 7.0 patched 1-164. When doing :tabedit in a single tab buffer, 
> tabs on the top appear and the window is resized so that text area is the 
> same. However, when the window cannot be grown vertically (which is the case 
> for (vertically) maximized window or fullscreen), vim still keeps total 
> buffer height, which makes the bottom part (command line) of the buffer 
> invisible - until the window size is changed, vim is notified of the change 
> and calculates buffer height properly, taking tabs into account. (It doesn't 
> happen for vim running in terminal).
> I am unable to provide a patch for the moment; if it is a known issue, I am 
> very sorry for duplicating the report.

What system?  If Unix: what GUI?

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