Vaclav wrote:

> [Bram, sorry for sending to your personal address by accident for the first 
> time]
>  > What system?  If Unix: what GUI?
> Sorry for not mentioning that. I am running the gnome GUI on Linux. I 
> double-checked on a different machine to exclude the influence of the 
> breakindent patch that is also applied. It seems that it works differently 
> with Metacity WM than with the Xfce window manager (running the same program 
> locally is different from running it remotely); also, the machine with 
> Metacity is xinerama-doublehead, which may make some bugs in the WM code 
> show up. I will install a clean version here and try to determine if it is 
> really a vim bug.

I assume you are using GTK then.  If you use GTK + Gnome then try
recompiling Vim without Gnome.  The Gnome libraries introduce some

The window manager may do things that Vim can't handle.  Whether that's
the fault of the window manager or Vim is hard to decide.

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