George V. Reilly wrote:
[Tony Mechelynck wrote]
[George V. Reilly wrote: Please update your Windows page to mention other compilers and makefiles, as mentioned in src/INSTALLpc.txt]

Done. Since I haven't tested all these compilers (and can't, now that I'm not using Windows anymore), I didn't give detailed instructions, but that file is now mentioned in the top paragraph of my Windows HowTo page. If you want to
check it, it's

Thanks. One other thing, please mention the possibility of obtaining
the sources via Subversion (and CVS) and link to the respective pages
on And make parallel modifications to the Unix pages.

Please, George, I'm not trying to write a catalogue of all possible methods for building Vim. I'm showing, with all the detail I could think of, how I did it myself. In addition to adding to the Windows page a "table of contents" block in the same style as that of the Unix page, I've gone as far as mentioning the existence of CVS, A-A-P and Subversion at the top of the "Every time" section describing how to get the patches. If you think it isn't enough, I'm not detaining you from adding a "compiling" page to your Vim site, describing how _you_ do it. I'm all for variety: the more the merrier (and the possibility of doing one thing in several ways is a landmark of Vim). In the meantime, I just added your Vim page to my top-level Vim page, together with the Vim-online site, Dr. Chip's, Steve Hall's download page, etc.

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