In languages using accented letters, the Vim spell checker doesn't recognise HTML entities (in HTML text): for example, the letters outside of the &...; entities are highlighted as "spellBad" (after ":set spell spelllang=fr") in the following French words:

où                       meaning: où             (where)
après                             après          (after)
cérémonie                  cérémonie      (ceremony)
courrouça                         courrouça      ([he] angered)
désespéré           désespéré      (desperate)
nécessaire                        nécessaire     (necessary)
année                             année          (year)


They are perfectly valid French words, if one takes into account the following equivalences:

ù = ù
è = è
é = é
ç = ç

I don't know how to solve the problem; maybe an "interpretation layer" to resolve the entities between the HTML text and the French (or other non-English language) dictionary?

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