I submit patch that implements the 'breakindent' feature. It is on vim todo list, since the moment I tried a few years ago (see e.g. http://marc.info/?l=vim-dev&m=109921292009721&w=1). Picture says what it's about (showbreak is aligned with first non-whitespace):


I tried to address all Bram's comments he had to the original patch, like coding style, functionality in diff mode, selections etc. I had to change a few prototypes to pass line number.

There is one bug and some (easily fixable) limitations:

* BUG: there is some weird interaction with quickfix window, where very rarely there is the "ml_get(): invalid line number" error. I think it is caused by passing wrong line number thgouth the *chartabsize* & family routines (line in the main buffer interpreted as line in the quickfix window or something like that), but I am not sure.

* No test case. This will be added once there is enough interest from developers (there _is_ documentation).

* The bri_min variable is not exposed to userspace yet, is set to 20 in the code. If the rest is considered ready for inclusion, I will add a user-serrable variable for that.

The patch is against current svn (vim7, rev. 288). Any comments are welcome.

Best regards,

Václav Šmilauer

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