Would there be any benefit from making it a string option that
accepted numbers only, so there could be three styles?

breakindent=n    absolute positioning or broken lines
breakindent=+n   broken lines have additional indentation
breakindent=-n   broken lines have reduced indentation

I am a bit at loss now:

(a) if I switch to breakindent being a number, how will it be turned off? As suggested, the actual breakindent is 0, positive/negative values would be possible for shifting the indent right/left. But there is no value to say: no breakindent, except for the suggestion

(b) breakindent being string and parsing "0"' as no breakindent, "+0" (="-0") as keep the indentation, etc for +-1, ... . But it is non-intuitive to have +0==-0!=0 and I am not sure how to do that (e.g. what variable will keep that in? if string, it will be very slow, it would have to be parsed at every line being displayed (!) etc.).

(c) Another option would be to have a numerical value 'breakindentextra' or 'breakindentshift' (or some different name) taking numerical (negative, 0, positive) that would do the extra indent, while keeping breakindent bool to turn that on/off. But that gives 3 variables (bri, brimin, briextra).

(d) To save the variable, 'breakindentmin' could be used do disable breakindent (if 0, since that makes no sense) or enable it (if <0), while breakindentextra would be as sub (c). In this case, 'breakindentmin' would be probably renamed to breakindent. But it is not very intuitive.

What do you think? I prefer (c) from implementation, efficiency and intuitivity perspective.


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