On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 22:21, Till Maas <opensou...@till.name> wrote:
> I applied it in changeset 1109.

Great, thanks!

> There are more occurences of mapleader,
> e.g. in wizardfuncs.vim and texmenuconf.vim, don't they need to be
> patched?

No, because if I saw correctly, they're not used for mappings but for
displaying the mappings in the gvim menu and the wizard.

I guess it's not really helpful in this case, since the <space> will
probably not be visible anyway. Maybe space could be replaced by
<space> in this case? Or maybe just leave it as <leader> which
everybody who sets mapleader should know. In case it's not space, I
would leave it as it is now, as this way it's most useful to new


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