On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 8:48 PM, Ted Pavlic <t...@tedpavlic.com> wrote:
> Peng -
> git is git regardless of the host. Moreover, sf provides much more than just
> a repo to the latex suite. How has sf caused you trouble using the official
> git repo hosted there?

sf is a badly designed website. I have a much harder time to find the
things that I need on sf than on github.

> Or are you just saying it would be easier for you to submit pull requests
> rather than patches? Note that git itself is maintained via patches posted
> to a mailing list rather than pull requests via github. Or do you just like
> that LinkedIn provides a module for showing off your latex suite
> contributions?

I haven't serious compared sf with github. But I've seen more people
start using github rather than sf (some people also quit google code
for github), but I have not seen a single example that quit sf for
github. So I feel that github is the trend. Its pull request feature
is also very convenient.

> Why don't you just setup a clone on github that automatically pulls from the
> sf git repo?
> Or are you saying that there are already so many clones by people not
> accustomed to anything but pull requests that the latex suite is getting
> fragmented? (despite all the documentation hooks back to sf)

Why these people start cloning into github? My interpretation is that
github is much more convenient and more people are using github. In
this case, why not just host the main repository in github and stop
using sf.


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