Bram Moolenaar wrote:
  > Suresh Govindachar wrote:
  >> After doing i_CTRL-X_CTRL-S, how can one 
  >> reject all the suggestions?  
  >> The only way I know is to accept some suggestion 
  >> and then to do an undo.
  > CTRL-E
  Doesn't work (version 7.0g04) -- does the same thing as <esc>.

  >> Is there an option to have the existing word be
  >> the first word in the list of suggestions? 
  > It's already in the list as the original word.  It's not 
  > in the popup menu, but it's selected when you wrap around 
  > the end.
  Here's what I am seeing:   

  A) <C-N> and <C-P> method:  
     1) <C-P> shows the original word fooey in the file
              but not in the pop-up

     2) <C-P> again makes the original word disappear 
              from the list.  Word in the file is the 
              "current" word in the pop-up

     3) After several <C-P> and <C-N> sequences, can 
        go back to state wherein original word is 
        back in file (but not in pop-up).

     4) Hitting <esc> makes word displayed on file remain.
        Depending on how many <C-P> and <C-N> were done, 
        this word can be "current" word in pop-up or the 
        original word (which is not in the pop-up).

     5) Hitting <entre> is same as above except that 
        in addition, carriage return happens.  Don't have 
        any issues with this behavior. 

  Would like original word to be part of the list in the pop-up.

  B) Arrow keys method:  
     1) Very first suggestion replaces original word in file

     2) Repeated use of arrow keys makes one move around in
        the pop-up but word in file remains at the replaced 
     3) Hitting <enter> makes current word in pop-up appear 
        in file.

     4) Hitting <esc> leaves file with very first suggestion
        (and not the original word).

     So there is no way to get back the original word using 
     the arrow keys method!
  Won't the option for the original word to be explicitly the 
  first item of the list in the pop-up help with both methods?


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