Hi Yakov,

 Thanks for the prompt help. I tried the lookupfile plugin,
looks great at first glance, can you throw light on the below
problems I encountered

 - do I always have to generate tagfile for every directory i visited?
   if so, I feel its a big burden that prevent me using the plugin
   frequently and globally. is there any way to eliminate this burden?

 - It seems that I can't locate file named "aaabbb" thru directly typing
   "bbb", do I always have to locate file begin with the first letter of
   the filename?


2006/8/8, Yakov Lerner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
On 8/8/06, Eddy Zhao <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
>   Does anyone ever used ido.el in emacs? (www.cua.dk/ido.el)
> The plugin could considerably speedup file accessing performance,
> especially when I'm maintaining a large wiki docbase. So I really
> want to know
>    - if vim have equivalent plugin like ido.el

This question was raised on the list ~1/2 years ago, and Hari
created the file-selection plugin in response:
    "lookupfile : Lookup files using filename completion"

There are several plugins dealing with recently-used files, on

Vim mappings and functions can be used to open often-used files
quickly. gf command is helpful, too. NB that vim has built-in
recursive filename completion (**/xyz<tab>) as well as simple filename
completion (<tab>).


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