Boris Dinkevich wrote:

I have used the AAP utility for installation.
Is there a way to reconfigure & recompile for GTK2 (a howto/help perhaps)

Thanks alot for your help

Configure will select the GTK2 GUI by default, provided that:
a) it is installed, including "development" stuff;
b) you have not forbidden it via --disable-gtk2-check
c) you have not explicitly selected a different GUI via --enable-gui=

For (a) you need to install the gtk2 and gtk2-devel packages (or whatever they are called in your Linux distribution) For (b) and (c) you need to REMOVE any --disable-gtk2-check or --enable-gui= parameter from your configure arguments.

If you changed anything under (a), (b) or (c) above, you need to run "make reconfig", not in the top vim70 directory (whose Makefile has no "reconfig" target) but in the src/ directory, as follows:

        cd src
        make reconfig > ../make.log 2>&1
        cd ..

This will both re-run configure with your new settings, and recompile Vim. Once it has finished running:

        ls -l src/vim
(and optionally)
        less make.log

you should see a Vim executable with today's date; if you don't, the make log will tell you what went wrong. If you do:

        src/vim --version |more

Check the features that are important to you. In particular, check that one of the first four lines of output includes "with GTK2 GUI". If they are present:

        make install

Note: If you include the GTK+2 GUI, you can also (optionally) include the Gnome2 interface, which will make Vim save its session transparently when you close the kde or Gnome window manager, and restart it when the window manager is restarted. For that, you need:

a) the gnome2 and gnome2-devel packages (or whatever they are called in your Linux distribution)
b) the --enable-gnome-check argument to configure.

For instance, on my system, sourcing the following file in the bash shell (with the source command or a period, followed by a space and the filename; just the filename at the command prompt is not enough), will cause a subsequent make to produce a Vim with Gnome/GTK2 GUI:

# this file must be sourced, not run
# set environment variables
export CONF_OPT_GUI='--enable-gnome-check'
export CONF_OPT_PERL='--enable-perlinterp'
export CONF_OPT_PYTHON='--enable-pythoninterp'
export CONF_OPT_TCL='--enable-tclinterp --with-tcl=tclsh8.4'
export CONF_OPT_RUBY='--enable-rubyinterp'
export CONF_OPT_MZSCHEME='--enable-mzschemeinterp'
export CONF_OPT_CSCOPE='--enable-cscope'
export CONF_OPT_MULTIBYTE='--enable-multibyte'
export CONF_OPT_OUTPUT='--enable-fontset'
export CONF_OPT_FEAT='--with-features=huge'

(in case my mailer "beautified" it: each line start with either # or "export CONF_OPT_" without the quotes). You can use all or any of it, but please change at least the last line to show your name instead of mine ;-). Any feature not installed on your system (or whose "development" stuff is not installed) will be disabled by configure; to disable a feature for which you do have the software, replace --enable by --disable in the configure arguments.

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