Hi Scot :)

 * Scot Becker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> dixit:
> Try removing both the 
> set encoding and 
> set fileencoding lines.  
> And see if it does what you want.
> It should do latin1 still by default (based on your system settings),
> and still let you see utf files.  If that fails, leave the 'set
> encoding', but leave out the 'set fileencoding'.  I think that you only
> need a fileencoding line when you want to force conversion.  Otherwise
> 'set encoding' does the trick.  
> I had this problem too, when I WANTED to set everything to utf-8.  

    The problem is still the same, because ucs-bom and utf8 are tried
before latin1 for ascii-7 files. I want latin1 by default for ascii-7

    Thanks anyway! :)))

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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