> I guess we need (if possible) something along the lines of "the" wiki,
> <language>.wikipedia.org

Mediawiki (the wiki engine used by Wikipedia) is very nice, and it's the
one I'm leaning towards also.

>> This awkward user-registration process will most certainly keep
>> people from contributing or updating tips.  It will also create a lot
>> of tedious and error-proned work for the project's admins, even if I
>> were to add a dozen more.

> Or give every member admin privileges, but I suppose that isn't wise
> either.  IMHO every wiki needs admins even if everyone can get an
> account and edit any page.

I agree.

>> So as I see it, we have two things we need to do if we want to keep the
>> wiki conversion project moving:
>> 1. Define our wiki requirements
>> ...
>>     * Does the wiki have to be hosted by Google, or is it ok if we move
>>       to another wiki host if they match all of our requirements?
>>         * This question is probably mostly for Bram, since he first
>>           suggested the Google wiki.
>>         * I personally really like Google in general.  They just don't
>>           have the apps that we need today.

> Google, Schmoogle, I don't care. Ideally an alias DNS record should be
> set up, so that wiki.vim.org will bring us to the wiki frontpage,
> wherever it's hosted. Or is that impossible due to the way vim.org is
> entangled with sourceforge?

I don't know if this option is possible right now without paying for

>>     * Cost?
>>         * I'm assuming that the ideal number if free :)
>>     * Embedded WYSIWYG editor, etc.
> Embedded WYSIWIG editor is a "cherry on the cake": en.wikipedia.org
> has no WYSIWIG editing but if we could lay hands on something working
> that way (and at that price, i.e., free as in beer), IMHO we shouldn't
> think twice about it.

Yeah, this was a foolish question.  We're all plain-text lovers anyways
if we're using Vim :)

>> 2. Choose the wiki host that best suits our needs
>>     * I see two options:
>>         * Wait for Google to meet all of our requirements?
>>             * Google recently acquired JotSpot, so maybe that wiki will
>>               be functional enough to meet all of our requirements
>>               some day.
>>         * Find a different wiki host that does meet all of our
>>           requirements, and should be able to do so for at least 3
>>           years or so.
> Only three years? For how long have the tips & scripts been hosted by
> sourceforge? I imagine that three years from now the project may be
> barely up to speed; the longer the better, and I'd say 5 years
> minimum.

Sounds good to me.  I was just throwing out a number.

> A last-minute thought: would it be possible to name the project
> vim.wikipedia.org or something (and set it up in Wikipedia space)? Hm,
> I guess not: there might already be some obscure language with the ISO
> code "vim"...

I think we're putting the cart in front of the horse here.  Let's
satisfy all of the requirements first before we settle on the wiki


Tom Purl

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