I'm trying to learn new vim habbits by
- not sourcing mswin.vim
- not setting behave mswin.
to migrate easier to linux.

I also start using the old-dos way again by copying, cutting and pasting with ctrl-insert, shift-delete and shift-insert iso CTRL-C, CTRL-X, CTRL-V, as these CTRL-keys are not always handeled the same on a linux distro.

What I now miss is the SELECT-MODE.
Not sure if this is done in mswin.vim and behave mswin.
I used to select a part of a line by pressing shift and one of the arrow keys. It then showed SELECT-MODE, and what was selected you could easily cut and past or copy and paste.

But currently shift-left or right moves to the next or previous word
Shift-up and shift-down moves a file up or down one screen.
Unclear where these mappings are done, are these default vim mappings?

Anyway, how can I map shift-arrow keys as is used in SELECT-MODE?
Or any other suggestion for a smarter way is also very welcome.


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