>If I am in line 100, now I want to search a key which will lead me to 
>wherever. I want to back to the place before the seach, can vim support

>anchor for me to back?

If you just went to one other line, eg, line 150,


will get you back to line 100.  If you searched and got to line 150,
then hit 'n' and got to line 163, then another 'n' brought you to line
213, "''" would then take you back to line 163.

If you want to literally mark line 100 as your "anchor", which is what I
think you actually want, then


will mark that as mark 'm'.  I just use 'm' because it's the same key,
and 'n' as a secondary mark, but others might use marks 'a' and 'b'
("ma" and "mb" commands). In that case


will bring you back to the beginning of line 100 no matter where you
are.  Haven't used this in a while (farther to reach the key :D ), but


should bring you back to the exact character on line 100 should you

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