On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 06:45:51PM +1100, John Beckett wrote:
> Tom Purl wrote:
> >I looked into the anti-spam features of Wikibooks, and they basically do
> >the basics: blacklists for abusers and easy rollbacks.  So the top 2% of
> >spammers/vandalizers will be blocked, and it will be easy for the admins
> >to roll back the problems created by the outher 98%.
> Wikibooks sounds good.
> I wonder if it would be worth looking for a volunteer to occasionally take
> a snapshot of the wiki as an emergency backup. Presumably wget or
> similar would be adequate, or maybe there is an easy way to get the
> mediawiki source.
> Such a backup might be useful in a few weeks, and then perhaps monthly.
> John

Back-ups are better made on the server side. For mediawiki a regular
sqldump (maybe added in crontab) is all that is necessary.

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