Tommy Allen wrote:

> This was a faster turn around than I expected, thanks!  Unfortunately
> there's another issue that comes from this: undo items are
> overwritten.  If you place text on the line, then press `<esc>`, the
> undo entry should be created for the text on that line (e.g. "aaa").
> If you jump to the end of the line and insert with `A`, trigger the
> completion, then select an item in the menu, the text on the line is
> completely replaced with the selected menu entry (because complete()
> starts at column 1).  This causes an undo to erase the line instead of
> reverting to "aaa".
> Here's the steps to make the problem clearer:
> 1. Enter on first line: "aaa", press `<esc>o`
> 2. Enter text on second line: "aaa", press `<esc>a<right><c-n><c-y><esc>o`
> 3. Enter text on third line: "aaa"
> 4. Press `u` twice.
> On the last step, I would expect there to be two lines with "aaa" on
> them, but instead there's only one.

Thanks for the steps.  I added a test and fixed the problme.

Please look out for any similar problems.  I suspect not many users have
"noinsert" in 'completeopt'.

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