Hi John,

2016-10-18(Tue) 12:03:44 UTC+9 JohnBeckett:
> Vim 8 deploys $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim which includes an autocmd
> to "jump to the last known cursor position".
> That can generate E315.
> Execute the following to create two files and exit.
> At exit, the cursor is on the last line of each file.
> gvim -N -u NONE
> :tabe test1.tmp
> :put =range(1,90)
> :w
> :tabe test2.tmp
> :put =range(1,100)
> :xa
> Execute the following to generate internal error E315:
> gvim -N -u NONE
> :source $VIMRUNTIME/defaults.vim
> :tabe test2.tmp
> :vert diffs test1.tmp
> Result:
> "test1.tmp" 91L, 353C
> E315: ml_get: invalid lnum: 92
> Press ENTER or type command to continue

I can reproduce it.
And also occurs in the following procedure. Probably, so this is option 
'scrolloff' related bugs.

gvim -N -u NONE
:e test2.tmp
:set scrolloff=5
:vert diffs test1.tmp

Right-side scroll bar's relative position is strange.

Best regards,
Hirohito Higashi (a.k.a. h_east)

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