Just had a feature idea, thought I'd throw it out here.

It would be nice if you could specify the various ++opt options to instruct vim 
how to interpret the bytestreams of files opened right from the command-line. 
Currently the only way to use ++opt options is when calling :edit or :read (as 
far as I'm aware), so there's no way to tip off vim to how it should interpret 
bytestreams on the initial load. This is particularly a problem when reading 
from stdin via the "vim -" usage, since you can't reload that text using :edit 
or :read at all in that case.

FYI, I asked a question on Stack Exchange about this: 

Ideally, the options processing would be positional, so you could specify 
++opts for each file name individually by following the file name argument with 
the ++opt argument(s) for that file. (This is the way other file-specific 
arguments like + and +<lnum> should work as well, but based on my testing I did 
right now it doesn't seem to work that way; it seems to just affect the first 
file regardless of argument positioning. Consider that to be a secondary 
feature request.) Random example:

vim file1 ++enc=utf8 ++bad=keep +5 file2 ++enc=latin1 ++bin +;

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