On Win32, "_" can be used instead of a white space for 'guifont' for 
For example, when a user sets "guifont=MS_Gothic", vim will also search a font
named "MS Gothic".
However, I found that this doesn't work well when a font name contains a
character which includes "_" as a part of it.  E.g. The second byte of "柔" is
the same as "_" in the cp932 encoding.  So ":set gfn=源柔ゴシック等幅_Regular"
doesn't work as expected. (":set gfn=源柔ゴシック等幅\ Regular" works.)

Attached patch fixes the problem.

Ken Takata

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# HG changeset patch
# Parent  b7e4b79446e36195e00330cb22ef4e56c1daa61b

diff --git a/src/os_mswin.c b/src/os_mswin.c
--- a/src/os_mswin.c
+++ b/src/os_mswin.c
@@ -2990,7 +2990,9 @@ get_logfont(
 	int	did_replace = FALSE;
 	for (i = 0; lf->lfFaceName[i]; ++i)
-	    if (lf->lfFaceName[i] == '_')
+	    if (IsDBCSLeadByte(lf->lfFaceName[i]))
+		++i;
+	    else if (lf->lfFaceName[i] == '_')
 		lf->lfFaceName[i] = ' ';
 		did_replace = TRUE;

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