On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 6:59 AM, lacygoill <vim-dev-git...@256bit.org> wrote:
> Sorry I was wrong getjumplist() is not supposed to be passed the string '%'.
> It expects a window number.
> As for getchangelist(), I don't know what is the best choice. I guess
> whatever is the most consistent with other functions.

Can you try the attached patch which modifies getchangelist() to accept
buffer number similar to the bufname() function?


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diff --git a/src/evalfunc.c b/src/evalfunc.c
index daef9a8c9..57929d6d7 100644
--- a/src/evalfunc.c
+++ b/src/evalfunc.c
@@ -4365,7 +4365,10 @@ f_getchangelist(typval_T *argvars, typval_T *rettv)
-    buf = find_buffer(&argvars[0]);
+    (void)get_tv_number(&argvars[0]);      /* issue errmsg if type error */
+    ++emsg_off;
+    buf = get_buf_tv(&argvars[0], FALSE);
+    --emsg_off;
     if (buf == NULL)

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