Wei Zhang wrote:

> Thanks a lot, I always can't remember my keymaps and need to check the
> vimrc again and again when I forget some. popup windows will help me
> and other newbees.
> An issue has been found during my test: 
> When you are navigating the items in the popup with arrow keys, you
> can see the cursor is visible and locate just behind the current
> selected item.
> I suppose cursor should be invisible when popup window is in-use ??

I noticed this too.  Found that the cursor isn't positioned because when
the pum is displayed redrawing is disabled.

We can't force the cursor off while waiting for a character.  Also, some
operations apply to the cursor position, thus it's good when we see
where it is.

> And on last thing, special character '&' can not be used in the TUI popup,

Yeah, it's hard to find a way to highlight it.  And then how do you type
the character?  Mappings may get in the way.  Alt key may not always
> :amenu PopUp.Cscope\ &Definition  :cs find g <c-R>=expand("<cword>")<cr><cr>
> :amenu PopUp.Cscope\ &Symbol:cs find s <c-R>=expand("<cword>")<cr><cr>
> :amenu PopUp.Cscope\ &Callee:cs find c <c-R>=expand("<cword>")<cr><cr>
> :amenu PopUp.Cscope\ &Assigned:cs find a <c-R>=expand("<cword>")<cr><cr>
> I always forget cscope commands, so, it's necessary for me to put them into a 
> popup menu and give each item a shortcut by using '&'.
> This shortcuts can be used on gvim but it doesn't work in TUI now.

Yes, and I think that's OK.

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