> Executing menu command **BEFORE** ":popup" exiting is important because 
> following commands can get the result of selected item. if not, every 
> following command in the same function behave in the wrong way.

Once, I was trying to call ":popup" in an imap <expr> .. function because I 
need a popup menu in insert mode which contains some items like:

- Insert &Date
- Insert &Time
- Insert &Comment block
- ---------------------
- Insert Emoji &Smile
- Insert Emoji &Wrench

Each menu item will just set a global variable to a given number, and commands 
after ":popup" will know what item has been selected and do some complex work. 

This will help me a lot without leaving insert mode. 

But it is impossible to get the result after ":popup" . So, I have no idea 
about what to return in my imap <expr> function.

Most vim users are using UltiSnip, to many snip keywords to be remember and 
they are easy to be forgotten. UltiSnip uses inputlist() to enable user choose 
snippets if they have no idea about what snippets they can input.

But selecting snippets in insert mode with inputlist() is awful, A popup window 
in insert mode can emulate inputlist() and let user choose the most often used 

More friendly to inputlist(), but it is impossible to do such thing in GVim, 
because the following command can't get the result of ":popup" command.

Popup menus are friendly to new users, an enhanced popup menu is also very 
helpful to men with bad memory like me. I always forget some keymaps if I don't 
use them for two weeks.

Every time I read "index.txt" I can learn something new and very helpful, then 
I want put them in a popup menu and when I share my .vimrc to someone who 
haven't read this they can use this menu to discover what they can do 

Do you think the these cases above can be a good reason to enhance popup menu 
and replace GVim's ":popup" with terminal vim's ":popup" ? or to have an new 
guioption to disable native Win32 popup window ??

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