Christian Brabandt wrote:

> On Mo, 12 Feb 2018, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> > Not sure this is true.  If two lines are added after orig_line_count was
> > set, and one line gets deleted, then orig_line_count should not change.
> > If the total number of lines decreases below orig_line_count then
> > orig_line_count does need to be adjusted.  Hmm, something like that,
> > need some actual scenarios to check what really happens.
> [writing more tests]
> > Please do.  And please add comments to those global variables, so that
> > it's clear what they mean exactly (not just what they are used for).
> > I'm trying to do this for all these state variables (as far as I can
> > understand them, insert completion is another area where it's not 100%
> > clear).
> > 
> It's been a bit late, but here is an updated patch, that checks that 
> orig_line_count is still valid in virtual replace mode and adds a couple 
> of more tests.
> I think I addressed all of your points above.

Thanks!  Running the test without the change in edit.c causes a crash.
Nice fix.

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