I wanted to try the new debug feature in Vim.
I followed the steps at :help termdebug-example.
which say:

Example session ~
Start in the Vim "src" directory and build Vim: >
    % make
Start Vim: >
    % ./vim
Load the termdebug plugin and start debugging Vim: >
    :packadd termdebug
    :Termdebug vim
You should now have three windows:
    source  - where you started, has a window toolbar with buttons
    gdb        - you can type gdb commands here
    program - the executed program will use this window

You can use CTRL-W CTRL-W or the mouse to move focus between windows.
Put focus on the gdb window and type: >
    break ex_help
Vim will start running in the program window. Put focus there and type: >
    :help gui
Gdb will run into the ex_help breakpoint.  The source window now shows the
ex_cmds.c file.
=== END QUOTE ===

When I typed ":help gui", Vim hit the breakpoint, but I do not see the
Vim source code, despite the help file saying "The source window now
shows the ex_cmds.c file."

Is this supposed to work now, or is the debug feature still under

For me it did not work. I'm curious whether it works for others.  I tried
it in xterm and in xfce4-terminal. I also tried it in gvim gtk3 GUI.
Vim was built with debug symbols.


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