Dominique wrote:

> I wanted to try the new debug feature in Vim.
> I followed the steps at :help termdebug-example.
> which say:
> === BEGIN QUOTE ===
> Example session ~
>                             *termdebug-example*
> Start in the Vim "src" directory and build Vim: >
>     % make
> Start Vim: >
>     % ./vim
> Load the termdebug plugin and start debugging Vim: >
>     :packadd termdebug
>     :Termdebug vim
> You should now have three windows:
>     source  - where you started, has a window toolbar with buttons
>     gdb        - you can type gdb commands here
>     program - the executed program will use this window
> You can use CTRL-W CTRL-W or the mouse to move focus between windows.
> Put focus on the gdb window and type: >
>     break ex_help
>     run
> Vim will start running in the program window. Put focus there and type: >
>     :help gui
> Gdb will run into the ex_help breakpoint.  The source window now shows the
> ex_cmds.c file.
> === END QUOTE ===
> When I typed ":help gui", Vim hit the breakpoint, but I do not see the
> Vim source code, despite the help file saying "The source window now
> shows the ex_cmds.c file."
> Is this supposed to work now, or is the debug feature still under
> development?

It works fine for me.  I did have some occasions where the source code
with the breakpoint wouldn't be displayed, but could not find out why.

> For me it did not work. I'm curious whether it works for others.  I tried
> it in xterm and in xfce4-terminal. I also tried it in gvim gtk3 GUI.
> Vim was built with debug symbols.

Before it hits the breakpoint, you do see the window with the debug
WinBar?  Otherwise it's empty.

What happens in the communication window?  It's normally hidden, but you
can open it in a window.  When running into the breakpoint it should
contain something like:

~"Breakpoint 1, ex_help (eap=0x7fffffffd500) at ex_cmds.c:6194\n"               

Are the file names correct here?

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