On Mi, 04 Apr 2018, Tony Mechelynck wrote:

> gvim 8.0.1658 with GTK2/Gnome GUI
> $VIM/vimfiles/plugin/unicode.vim 0.21 according to both the script and
> the help. (I ran :UseVimball manually to put the script where I wanted
> it.)
> :UnicodeName on a Cyrillic letter followed by a combining character
> (e.g. U+0435 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IE followed by U+0301 COMBINING
> ACUTE ACCENT) displays only one answer line, with the Cyrillic letter
> (without the accent) in alpha at far left but the rest of the details
> of the combining character. Vim correctly displays both glyphs in one
> character cell (in the body of the text) with the 'guifont' I use, set
> by ":set gfn=Bitstream\ Vera\ Sans\ Mono\ 8".
> When using a Latin letter instead of a Cyrillic one (e.g. U+0065 LATIN
> SMALL LETTER E followed by U+0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT, giving
> almost exactly the same compound glyph) two answer lines are
> displayed, one for each character, which is the expected result.
> Executing :UnicodeDownload doesn't change this behaviour. It does
> create or update a 1.7*10^6 byte, 31618 line file named
> $VIM/vimfiles/autoload/unicode/UnicodeData.txt whose contents looks OK
> I wonder what went wrong.

The plugin has not been adjusted for Vims patch 8.0.1553 (displaying the 
digraph character with the ga command). I fixed it now in the github 

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