On Sa, 14 Apr 2018, Ivan Brennan wrote:

> I'm curious how difficult it would be to change the implementation of 
> doautocmd, but since I'm not about to try myself I won't dwell on it any 
> further :)

That should be rather easy. Something like this I believe:

diff --git a/src/ex_docmd.c b/src/ex_docmd.c
index 046ef3cf5..0c435f562 100644
--- a/src/ex_docmd.c
+++ b/src/ex_docmd.c
@@ -5504,8 +5504,11 @@ ex_doautocmd(exarg_T *eap)
     char_u     *arg = eap->arg;
     int                call_do_modelines = check_nomodeline(&arg);
     int                did_aucmd;
+    int         do_msg = TRUE;

-    (void)do_doautocmd(arg, TRUE, &did_aucmd);
+    /* do not give warning messages for mon-existent auto commands */
+    do_msg = STRNCMP(arg, "User", 4);
+    (void)do_doautocmd(arg, do_msg, &did_aucmd);
     /* Only when there is no <nomodeline>. */
     if (call_do_modelines && did_aucmd)

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