Ivan Brennan wrote:

> When your plugin wants to provide an event the user can hook into, it could 
> broadcast a User autocommand:
>     function! foo#do_it()
>       call s:do_thing()
>       doautocmd User FooDidIt
>     endfunction
> If the user's vimrc contains,
>     augroup MyGroup
>       autocmd!
>       autocmd User FooDidIt call MyHandler()
>     augroup END
> then MyHandler() will be called any time foo#do_it() runs.
> If the user *does not* set up any such autocommand, however, any time 
> foo#do_it() runs, Vim displays "No matching autocommands".
> You could suppress these messages by prefixing doautocmd with "silent", but 
> that would also suppress any messages a handler tries to display. So most 
> plugins wrap doautocmd in a conditional:
>     function! foo#do_it()
>       call s:do_thing()
>       if exists('#User#FooThing')
>         doautocmd User FooThing
>       endif
>     endfunction
> When providing an event the user can hook into, I'd think it's better to 
> decouple the plugin from any knowledge/concern about what, if anything, has 
> been set up to listen for the event. But we're forced to run this check, 
> given how doautocmd works.
> More importantly, the exists() check is inaccurate in some cases. For 
> example, the following are two autocommand definitions are equivalent,
>     autocmd User FooBar,FooBaz call MyHandler()
>     autocmd User Foo{Bar,Baz}  call MyHandler()
> but exists('#User#FooBar') will return true for the first and false for the 
> second.
> I can see the usefulness of displaying No matching autocommands for debugging 
> purposes, but beyond that it seems like bad behavior.
> Am I thinking about this the wrong way?

A simple solution, which does not require a change in Vim itself, is to
define one dummy autocommand yourself:

     augroup MyGroup
       autocmd User FooDidIt "
     augroup END

     function! foo#do_it()
       call s:do_thing()
       doautocmd User FooDidIt

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