Rory Sales wrote:

> My name is Rory Sales
> I use vim often when doing sysadmin work on our multiple RedHat/Fedora/CentOS 
> servers.
> I would like to now and then offer a syntax improvement to vim, and would 
> appreciate someone with knowledge adding them for me on github or being given 
> the ability to submit a change request.
> First syntax update request.
> example file affected: /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
> github file:
> replace line
> syn match  CfgComment "\/\/.*"
> with line
> syn match  CfgComment   "\(http[s]\?:\)\@<!\/\/.*"
> If my regex is not well formed please proceed to change as required.
> This fix allows for comments in the .cfg files but not when the // forms part 
> of a http / https line. This maintains the colour syntax highlighting on that 
> line instead of colour and then suddenly a false positive on a comment.
> A common example in the HAProxy cfg files is as follows.
> redirect prefix code 301 if { ssl_fc_sni 
> }

CC'ing the maintainer.

A simpler way would be to check for white space before the //.

I also notice:

        " Comments (Everything before '#' or '//' or ';')


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