by revising my .vim dir and creating a list of usefull vim scripts for
my collegues, I started thinking about vim.org/scripts. Let me assume,
that the many high quality scripts are a very important part of vim,
which makes vim the almighty tool you use every day.

Then the quality of vim in a whole depends on the quality not only of
individual scripts, but also on the ease of installing, updating,
maintaining and finding scripts.

The current vim.org/scripts site seems to have several critical flaws,

* you won't get informed of updates for your scripts
* collaboration on script development is next to impossible, because
  * I can't upload a new version, must open a new script page
  * No script I saw is under version control
  * Many scripts lack licence informations
* scripts can not be browsed online, there are only downloadable
* User Feedback on scripts is not possible: no comments, mailing list to
  much a barrier
* No issue tracker

Do you agree with me on this points? Should we do something about it?
Should we do build a better vim.org/scripts? Who would like to join the

Things that could be done:
* save scripts in a VCS
* add a webforum to each scripts page
* add an issue tracker
* add OpenId to vim.org
* politely inforce a default licence for scripts
* allow people to upload patches to scripts they have not initially

Best regards,
Thomas Koch, Software Developer

Young Media Concepts GmbH
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CH-8280 Kreuzlingen

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