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We are FreeWear.org, we print and sell T-shirts with FOSS designs
(Linux distros, desktops environments, etc) and donate to each
organization a percentage of each sold article. We usually sell via
website, but we can also be found in local FOSS-related events. We
also cover special orders, like commemorative t-shirts for events.

We've been conducting a poll about which T-shirts our customers want,
and looks like Vim is one of the most popular ones, so we'd really
love to improve our catalog with some Vim stuff. With each Vim T-shirt
sale, Vim would receive a 3€ donation.

We want these T-shirt to be awesome, so we need your help. We'd like
to see some suggestions on what kind of T-shirts you'd like. So far the
most interesting suggestion we've seen is to make a vim "cheaTshirt",
with an inverted cheat-sheet printed on the front, so it can be read
by the proud wearer while hacking away. It could even glow in the
dark (we have fluorescent yellow ink!).

I've made two quick&dirty mock-ups, let me know what you think:

Regarding a more typical logo+slogan design, I came up with stuff like
"Vimpressive", "Vi! Vi Vi! The Editor of the Beast!"[1] or
"Vini, Vidi, Vici"[2], but I'm sure you vim hackers can do better.

http://www.freewear.org/images/release_candidates/mockup_vim3.png [3]

Overall, the design constraints (imposed by our screen-printing technique) are:
- Maximum of 4 plain colors per design. The less colors, the
  cheaper, the better.
- Avoid very small details.
- The design shouldn't get too close to the seams.


[1] Taken from "The number of the beast" from Iron Maiden.
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veni,_vidi,_vici
[3] Don't worry, I'm not the artist that will work on the final design!

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the message is not spam. --John

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