Under windows 10 with mypathtoVim that contains these :
+ awesomeplugins/                                                               
+ third_part/                                                                   
- vim74/                                                                        
 |+ autoload/                                                                   
 |+ colors/                                                                     
 |+ compiler/                                                                   
 |+ doc/                                                                        
 |+ ftplugin/                                                                   
 |+ icons/                                                                      
 |+ indent/                                                                     
 |+ keymap/                                                                     
 |+ lang/                                                                       
 |+ plugin/                                                                     
 |+ print/                                                                      
 |+ spell/                                                                      
 |+ syntax/                                                                     
 |+ tools/                                                                      
 |+ tutor/                                                                      
 |  gvim.exe                                                                    
 |  gvim8.exe                                                                   

1. echo $VIM return mypathtoVim       with gvim74 2343 rebuild from github
2. echo $VIM return mypathtoVim/vim74 with gvim8.0.4   rebuild from github

In The second case, no diff between echo $vim or echo $vimruntime and for both 
versions, always same rebuild from github official vim.

It seems to come from executable 'cause already tried cases to switch gvim8.exe 
in runtime folder of 7.4 and the opposite case.

Thank you for advise

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