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By default Vim does NOT load plugins from the ~/.vim/bundle directory.
Do you have a plugin such as Pathogen installed and configured to do
that for you?


If you're using a recent version of vim (8.0 or one of the earlier
patches leading up to it) you can move it to

Currently using vim 8.0, patch 1-3

~/.vim/pack/whatever-name-you-want/start/gundo instead of
~/.vim/bundle/gundo, and it should "just work". In earlier Vims you
need a plugin to enable this sort of plugin loading.

I did:

mv ~/.vim/bundle/gundo ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/gundo

then reloaded vim and when tried to execute ',u' (which is <Leader>u), I get

E492: Commande inconnue: gUndoToggle

though this command exist in the gundo package:

grep -irn  gundotoggle *
autoload/gundo.py:522:          vim.command('GundoToggle')
autoload/gundo.vim:18:          command! -nargs=0 GundoToggle call 
autoload/gundo.vim:70:          command! -nargs=0 GundoToggle call 
autoload/gundo.vim:297:  command! -nargs=0 GundoToggle call s:GundoDidNotLoad()
autoload/gundo.vim:320:function! s:GundoToggle()"{{{
autoload/gundo.vim:453:function! gundo#GundoToggle()"{{{
autoload/gundo.vim:454:    call s:GundoToggle()
doc/gundo.txt:56:    nnoremap <F5> :GundoToggle<CR>
doc/gundo.txt:290:    * Make GundoToggle close the Gundo windows if they're 
visible but not the
plugin/gundo.vim:20:command! -nargs=0 GundoToggle call gundo#GundoToggle()
site/index.html:133:                <pre>nnoremap &lt;F5&gt; 
site/index.html:145:                <pre>nnoremap &lt;F5&gt; 
site/index.html:510:                                Make 
<code>GundoToggle</code> close the Gundo windows if they're

what did I miss?

Thanks for your answer.

PS: no need to Cc me, I'm subscribed to the list.

(Post writing: I noticed the command in the nnoremap was not written the same
as in the error, so I adjusted that. After that, the error was not the same,
but was:

Gundo requires Vim to be compiled with Python 2.4+

I'll try that tomorrow)

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