I have written a .vim script that does one of a number of possibilites to
the word at the cursor.  If this word is alphabetic the script retrieves a
definition for its root word into @m, which it echoes as its last command.
Run under :debug the script does exactly as expected, but run independently
it returns either nothing (apparently), or 3 messages at the foot of the
screen, being

"file-name" \d\+L, \d\+C
the definition found, or that none was found
Press ENTER or type command to continue

the last item being in slightly greenish type, and if one does then press
Enter, all 3 messages promptly disappear.  So I assume what is happening
when nothing shows is that the script itself, or the system, in some way
presses Enter automatically.

The behavior is consistent: the word 'styles' always returns the 3 line
display with the definition for 'style'; the word 'peduncles' always
apparently returns nothing, though the definition for 'peduncle' is duly
present in @m.

I tried starting the script with ':redraw|set lz', but to no effect

Is there any method that will prevent the screen being redrawn, or, better,
redraw the screen and then do 'echo @m'?

Graham Lawrence

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