I have several functions that have one or more UTF-8 characters in them.
They show off broken highlighting in the declaration ( but not when
the function is called).
The UTF-8 char in two of the functions below is
is highlighted in a 'red', 'error' background:

sub ƒroundup($$) { }         # the ƒ is in red.
sub pi () { 4*atan2(1,1) }   # nothing wrong in this line
sub π  () { goto &pi }       # doesn't like greek pi symbol

1) How might this be fixed to remove this error checking any
UTF-8 "alnum"-class char?

2) How might I fix *specific* characters (if the general case isn't
easily doable)?  I.e. I didn't see any place that looked like
1st-char or "following-char" RegEx's in the perl.vim -- something
along the lines of "[_[:alpha:]]\w" that showed the
first char taking any alpha character + underline, with
following chars being any "word" char (alnum+ underline), but
they could easily have been buried in layers of vim-highlighting
syntax such that I didn't recognize them.


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