On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:08:35 PM UTC-4, Luis Henriquez-Perez wrote:
> I am using vim to code my java projects. I've been noticing I've been jumping 
> back to the terminal a lot to compile and run my code. So I want to create a 
> function that does all this for me (and gets rid of the class files 
> afterwards). The code below is my attempt. Could someone let me know how I 
> can fix my code?
> func! CompileFolderJava()
>       " compile all java files in folder of the current buffer
>       :!javac "%:p:h" . "/*.java"       "  javac 
> path/name/to/current/buffer/directory/*.java
>       " run Main java file in that folder
>       :!java "%:p:h" . ".Main"            " java 
> path/name/to/current/buffer/directory.Main
>       " delete all the .class files in that folder
>       :!rm "%:p:h" . ".class"
>       " :echo "Done"
> endfunc

The solution of  " :!java -cp %:p:h Main"  did not work out. 

I think this might be because my java files all have the following line:
Package myjavafiles;

as of yet the only way I've found to compile and run it from the terminal (and 
not from vim)
is by being in the parent directory of myjavafiles and doing:

javac myjavafiles/*.java
java myjavafiles.Main

I've found that I can specify the directory of the java files I want to compile 
in the "javac" command. But when the "java" command will only work when I'm in 
the directory that has the folder of java files. 

I came to this conclusion after doing the following in vim from myjavafiles 

// succesful
: cd ..
: !javac myjavafiles/*.java
: !java myjavafiles.Main

// not successful
: !javac *.java          <---worked
: !java Main             <----did not work

// suprisingly not successful
: cd ..
: !javac myjavafiles/*.java
: !java ~/path/to/myjavafiles.Main

Because of these tests I think that perhaps I need to change directories to 
compile. But I'm not sure how to get only the folder name "myjavafiles" instead 
of the whole path. 

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