Are there existing ideas, prototypes or forks of VIM 
with interactive GUI? 
I believe a decend GUI engine can boost 
the editing productivity by means of advanced 
interactive features.
With a GUI I don't mean of course menus/buttons, but
the design of the interaction and visual feedback, e.g.
navigation, scrolling, more mouse features.

Also I am very interested in realistic fonts, which could 
quickly improve the reading experience.

Currently I consider VIM a perfect editor and 
it would be hard to name something that is 
limiting it. 
But the GUI is, well, not enabling the above mentioned
luxuries :) 

So how realistic is the scenario where VIM becomes
these "features"? 
I understand intuitively that these "features" are the core of
the application in this case.  So it is more precise to
ask whether the developers will consider prototype 
proposals adressing these features? 


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