After reading a file and getting 1 million lines' List, I need to make similar 
substitutions over matched lines ~500 times with this func:

fun! foo#set_new_val(ressource) abort "{{{

  " position
  let pos  = foo#getpos_ress(a:ressource)
  let pres = foo#geth_presence(a:ressource)
  let s:xml[pos] = substitute(s:xml[pos],'false\|true',pres,"")  <<< HERE

  " Slave/Voie01 to Voie08
  for idx in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]       <<< HERE
        let pos = foo#getpos_ress(a:ressource.'/bar0'.string(idx))
        let s:xml[pos] = substitute(s:xml[pos],'false\|true',pres,"")    <<< 


1/ Can I optimize this function ?
2/ Maybe mapping this line code in register : 
substitute(s:xml[pos],'false\|true',pres,"") ?

Thank you

Nota : General Concept

0. Dicts
   0.1 Reading file to List (1 million lines)
   0.2 Dict with new values to set onto matched lines
   0.3 Memory DictPos of List's lines numbers (0.1) matching needed lines.

1. Process List into for loop of 500
   1.1 Do matchstrpos to get line's position to update in List (foo#getpos_ress)
   1.2 Make substitution as describe above. 

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