Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the valuable suggestions.

The method I found out to be the most suitable, dependecy free and sane
(this is highly personal) was to write bash tests which in turn invokes
vim with a given number of flags and which sources a given script which
ends with either "qall!" (exit code 0) or "cquit!" (exit code 1). You
can check an example of such tests in:

1. https://github.com/python-mode/python-mode/blob/develop/tests/test.sh
2. https://github.com/fmv1992/vim_dictionary/blob/dev/tests/test.sh


Bash invokes:
$ vim -i NONE -u /tmp/vimdict_vimrc -c 'source 
./test_procedures_vimscript/lookup1.vim' /tmp/vimdict_disposable.py

File `./test_procedures_vimscript/lookup1.vim` has:
" [...]
" Put assertions before.
call assert_true(bufexists('vim_dictionary-scratch'))

if len(v:errors) > 0
    echom "Exiting lookup1 with errors" . join(v:errors, '|')

It is also worth noting that vim's `verbosefile` option is valuable as

Best wishes for the vim community,

Felipe Martins Vieira
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